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Free forex mirror trading

Then you have found the right post. Indeed, we have brought you the Top 3 of the absolute best App available for both iOS and Android that will let you get free forex signals, and with which you can take advantage of copy trading functions. SwipeStox App Nowadays there a lot of companies and platforms offering copy trading services and signals, but if we talk specifically of Mobile App, then on top of our list we must necessarily put SwipeStox App.

SwipeStox indeed was not born as a web platform for then expanding into a mobile app too, but rather the opposite. They began and achieved success as a mobile app only. One of the peculiarities of SwipeStox is the ability to literally go through a list of the best trades generated by the community, observe the parameters stop and profit , evaluate the past performance of those who have generated that signal, and finally, if desired, by swiping right you can save it in a watch list, by swiping left you can discard it, or by clicking the Copy button you can copy it immediately.

But SwipeStox is not only this, indeed it offers many functionality for retail trading, Social Trading the Trader Radar, for example, to find other users near you or Automatic Copy Trading the CYBO, an artificial intelligence system that automatically copy best trade of the community. Using eToro you can access the largest social trading network in the world, with a community of more than 4. With such a community of signal provider you have obviously an abundance of free forex signals, and all the web platform capabilities are of course available on eToro app.

In addition to this, eToro also introduced some very innovative product, including in particular the Copyfunds , i. ZuluTrade was the first Copy Trading Platform ever, and has always been focused on the forex market and the provision of free signals, both manual and automatic. Through an intuitive interface, traders are allowed to take signals, mirror whole trades including opening and closing them or just pick when to close it themselves, or just follow experienced traders and make manual trades.

Mirror Trader also provides analysis tools to help decide winning strategies and work through the signal providers at your own pace. Mirror Trader also charges a fixed fee for using the web-based and mobile app platform, which is rather straightforward and thus appealing to users worldwide.

Of course, the best-known is the automatic trading, which allows you to add signal providers to your portfolio and automatically mirror all the trades they make to your Forex account. With semi-automatic mirror trading, you are allowed to see the signals from the selected signal providers and actually decide which ones to follow in real time.

This is supported with many built-in charts providing insight into all major indicators and possibilities to monitor and alter your strategies through detailed strategy summaries. Manual trading will allow you to execute trades on your own, just as you would with any Forex trading platform, with access to trading signals by filtering and employing appropriate strategies for your style and current market conditions.

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