better placed hr recruitments
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Better placed hr recruitments

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Thank you Jonathan! He successfully secured me in an exciting new role that I may have overlooked without his support and confidence. He has been professional, friendly and extremely communicative throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend and work with with him again. I have worked with a broad spectrum of recruitment and placement specialists, it is rare to find someone who is interested only in your best interests and takes such a composed and professional approach to helping you find your next role.

Nothing but positive experience with Jonathan, cannot recommend enough. I choose to use Better Placed, and in particular Rachel, because of the in-depth knowledge she has of Marketing, which helps me find the most relevant candidates for the job. They are a brilliant bunch who really take the time to get to know what you are after and truly care about finding you the right role or the right person to join your team.

During this time he has sourced the majority of our software development team. He has an excellent network and has unearthed some great developers from a diverse range of backgrounds. After careful consideration they asked us to reconsider the candidate's entry level. We interviewed several good candidates, then they turned up trumps.

Whilst we broke the bank to fill the role what they predicted is happening the more senior role has added value immediately and we are delighted with the result. They did an excellent job! Beth helps us prospect and recruit best-in-class talent from across West Yorkshire allowing us to not only grow as a business but have the best, most suited employees within our team. Beth understands the candidate that suits our business and our ways of working with ease, providing us with quality recommendations for any role within digital marketing.

Kate has loads of energy and is extremely passionate about what she does. During my job hunt she really took the time to understand what I was looking for in my next career move and helped me to identify a role where I could maximize my experience but also develop skill set further.

Thanks again for all of your help! Kate is an extremely impressive person and has been a pleasure to deal with. Kate made the recruitment process a breeze for me with great communication and flexibility. I believe that Kate's greatest attribute is her relaxed, positive and approachable personality and her passion and drive to achieve her client's best possible outcome.

They work collaboratively with both candidates and clients simultaneously. In my experience a lot of recruitment consultants make a lot of the right noises but are not especially supportive. That is the exact opposite of how Kate was with me. It felt invaluable to be given encouragement during times when I received rejections and feedback which was constructive and useful. I would recommend Kate to anyone who is looking for a recruitment consultant to help them find a role within FMCG.

Kate will not let you down. It is refreshing to deal with a recruitment consultancy, and in particular Simon, who listen to your requirements, deliver good quality candidates and who wrap it all up with excellent customer service. His knowledge of the local market and his network have always meant he presents me with great quality candidates. He is my first point of call if I ever need to recruit, I can't recommend Simon highly enough.

They listen well, asks insightful questions, respond in a thoughtful way and they are not afraid to offer an opinion or a reality check to keep things on track. I'd recommend them to anyone either looking for their next marketing adventure or if you need help in bringing more talent to your business. They are always on the ball whether They are helping you with a career move or finding you great people in the industry to come and work with you.

They take time to listen and understand your brief, and shows boundless energy and patience, when going the extra mile to meet your needs. Better Placed always demonstrate a great understanding of the roles we seek to recruit for. They certainly put in the time learning about our business requirements and the briefs we put to market.

As a result, before an interview with their candidates I will always be confident that I will be meeting an individual of the right calibre. You know that when he puts a candidate forward that they are going to be a good fit, both for the role and for the team. He's very hardworking and dedicated. Working with him to find a new job was easy and he made it a pleasure.

He kept me updated with progress, made sure that I was prepared for each interview, and was genuinely interested in how things went and what I thought of each company. That not only saves time, but it also brings a lot of objectivity. While interviews can bring in a handful of personal biases and assumptions, the objectivity that AI is bringing in is important.

It balances the recruitment process while also saving time, effort and money. Replying to candidates has become easier too because of artificial chatbots. Among the many HR tech trends for , this is one that is going to be very prominent. AI makes things virtual and digital. Because of this, there are a lot of financial and non-financial resources that are going to be saved.

It would, additionally, help employers distribute and use their finances in better ways. It also would allow them the liberty to choose the things they want to spend their budgets on. Automated recruitment processes There are many job portals that have adapted a complete automatic recruitment process for the employers as well as employees. Initially, job portals were limited to listings of various jobs and applicants physically applying to them.

But many platforms now offer the option of taking assessments of the candidates and the skills deemed essential by the employer through various practical tests. Due to such a process, selected employees only are called directly for the interview after viewing their reports of these assessments. Some of the skills tested by leading job portals now are verbal communication, nonverbal communication, comprehension, reasoning, mathematical ability.

This is one of the more beloved recruitment tech trends. Rise in freelancing When speaking of HR technology trends , we cannot possibly skip this one. Since this year has been difficult for all industries, a lot of companies have had to downsize their workforce and, in effect, fire individuals from multiple teams. And as if that was not enough, it has become increasingly difficult to commute to work and back.

Also, a full-time job has become practically risky. In such scenarios, people are finding it better and easier on freelancer terms. Some people are also willingly opting for project-based jobs, which helps them choose the work they do and the hours of work as per their convenience. This trend that started as an alternative to full-time employment has, indeed, turned out to be a bliss for both the employees and the employers. Retention strategies for employers Employers, globally, have had difficulty in managing work during and post the pandemic and lockdown.

But, there is a silver lining to this too. Now, companies can increase their budgets for retention policies and do a bit more to keep their existing employees from leaving or losing jobs. This allows employers to provide better facilities to employees, building a relationship of trust and mutual respect for both.

That also makes employers feel connected to the employees, which directly results in improved quality of work. Providing better facilities to employees increases their chances of standing by the company and the employer in the time of crisis. Diversified recruitment Since remote work has become commonplace today, employees and employers alike are going to have a widespread pool available. This will make it possible for employers to hire candidates from diverse backgrounds that could help company culture and company performance as well.

Due to a diverse workforce, the company gets into the habit of not only tolerating different points of views but also respecting them. This also opens the door of opportunities from underprivileged individuals to seek employment at par the more privileged. Displacement of jobs and the changing economy During the course of the last few months, the economy has not been doing great. There have been major pitfalls in the area. But slowly and steadily, as we are becoming capable of controlling the spread of the pandemic, and, finally, there has been an upward arrow going for the market.

The companies will soon hire individuals who had become professionally displaced during the crisis.

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Internal vs. External Recruiting - Recruiting Tips for HR Admins

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