allah will replace it with something better than this
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Allah will replace it with something better than this ncaa football betting odds

Allah will replace it with something better than this

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And now I understand that when Allah swt promises to replace what we lose with what is better, the breadth and richness of that promise is much greater than we understand. Yes, He may replace our losses with tangible, material things or people.

Or and! He will replace our losses with a desire to be close to Him, to leave a greater legacy behind, to gather people and encourage them on this path of worship. If we are among the few who are grateful to Allah, who turn to Him, who take every turn in life as an opportunity for growth, patience, and worship, then He has already replaced anything we could possibly lose with something better.

May Allah make us amongst those few. Examples of the things to be left for the sake of Allah and which Allah will better substitute for them: 1. Whoever leaves begging people, asking them humiliatingly, and attaches his expectations to Allah alone, Allah will compensate him by better than that he has abandoned.

Whoever abstains from objecting to what Allah decreed, and acknowledges to his Lord in all his affairs, Allah will bestow upon him satisfaction and tranquility. He will show him good consequences, which may never come to his mind. Whoever desists resorting to foretellers and sorcerers Allah will give him patience, and true commitment to Allah.

Whoever stops fearing others than Allah, and singles Allah alone with apprehension, he will be protected from illusions, and Allah will provide him with security against any dangers, so his worries will be turned into safety, coolness and peace. He will be blessed with the tongue of truth among people, so they would confer honor and supremacy upon him and will lend hearing to what he says. Whoever leaves argument, even though he is right, he is guaranteed a house in the middle of paradise.

He will be saved from the bad effects of importunity and antagonism. He will maintain the serenity of his heart, and be safeguarded from exposing his defects. That he who leaves fraud in sale and purchase shall increasingly enjoy public confidence and his merchandise shall be in great demand. That he who leaves usury and gaining bad money, Allah will bless his living and open before him doors of all that is good and blessings.

That he who abandons looking at the forbidden; Allah will compensate him with true discernment, light and clarity, and a joy that he finds in his heart. That he who desists avarice, and prefers openhandedness and generosity, people will love him. He will become nearer to Allah and to paradise, and will be safeguarded from worries, gloominess and depression.

Anyone who gives up arrogance and stick to humbleness will increase in dominance, prestige, and importance. The Prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, has said, as narrated by Muslim in his Sahih: "and who humbly submits himself to Allah, Allah will elevate him. That whosoever deserts the warmth and pleasure of sleeping and gets up to pray to Allah glorified and Exalted, Allah will compensate him with joyfulness, vitality and intimacy. That whosoever gives up smoking, and all other intoxicants: alcoholic drinks and drugs, Allah will aid him and will provide him with His graces.

Allah will compensate him with health and true happiness rather than that fake and transient happiness. That whosoever leaves revenge and wreaking, despite his capacity to do so, Allah will bounty him with cheerfulness and ease in his heart, as forgiveness include tranquility, and self-honor, characteristics which are absent from revenge.

The prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, has said: "the slave of Allah who forgives, Allah elevates him in the estimation of the people ", [Reported by Muslim] « That whosoever gets rid of bad companions whom he thinks that in accompanying them he will attain his utmost intimacy and pleasure, Allah will reward him with righteous companions, with them he will find pleasure and benefits, and by keeping their companion and association he will gain the best of this worldly life and the Hereafter.

Anyone who stops consuming much food will be saved from gluttony and other various diseases, because he who too eats much, drinks too much; hence he sleeps too much, the result is that he will lose a lot. Whosoever quits procrastination in paying his debts Allah will help him paying them off. That whosoever manages his anger will preserve his pride and dignity; and will keep away from the humiliation of apology and the consequences of remorse.

He ordered him to be punished, so the man was brought, disrobed and pulled in ropes; and whips were brought, but then he said: 'let him go' and addressing the man, he said 'were it not for my anger I would have hurt you. Whosoever abstains from backbiting and slandering people and looking for their flaws will be compensated with safety from their evils and is provided with insight into himself.

Al-Ahnaf Ibn Qais, may Allah be pleased with him, said: "he who is fast in relating to people what they hate, they will say about him what they do not know". A Bedouin woman, in recommending her son, said: "Beware of exposing the flaws of people, as in this case you will be taken as an aim.

Surely an aim will not stand for many arrows. An aim which was afflicted alternately with arrows, immediately its force will be weakened. Whosoever leaves envy will be saved from its various harms. Envy is incurable disease, a lethal poison, an outrageous behavior and an evil moral.

It is found in inferior relatives, peers, comrades, acquaintance, and friends. A wise man said: "I have not seen an oppressor who is more resembling to the oppressed than the envier: permanent concerns, inseparable worries and a confused heart.

Whosoever is protected from having miss-suspicion of people will be saved from heart confusion and mind distraction. Avoid much suspicion; indeed some suspicions are sins. Whosoever discards laziness and embarks upon hard work, his ambition will soar up, and his time will be blessed; thus he will gain a lot of good in such a short time. And he who deserts pleasures will get his expectations, and who is addicted to them will regret.

Who abandons seeking fame and exhibitionism, Allah will uplift him and fame will come to him dragging its wake. Who avoids being undutiful to his parents and becomes filial obedient, Allah will be pleased with him and will provide him with children, and He will let him enter paradise in the Hereafter. Likewise, the one who avoids breaking off relations with his relatives, and maintain close and friendly relations with them, Allah will increase the means of his subsistence, and will extend his traces, and he is still supported by Allah as long as he continues keeping his relations with them.

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Allah Will Replace Your Irreplaceable Loss With Something Better In Sha Allah - Mufti Menk

Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble goes into the concept and benefits of leaving something for the sake of Allah#Ramadan #kalemahuae #Ramadan_message If you leave off something for Allah, Allah will replace it with something better. Close. 8. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. If you leave off something for Allah, Allah will replace it . Moreover, whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will substitute for him with something better. The substitutes from Allah are various; the greatest of them is to be in the .