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Single manning in betting shops in ireland

Ladbrokes pledged to stop making staff work alone in evenings unless they volunteered to by January this year. But the Mirror understands this has not happened. Another Ladbrokes worker was raped and left for dead by a punter who lost hundreds on a fixed-odds betting terminal Image: Read more: Government nets millions from fixed odds betting machines Ladbrokes brought in single staffing in Health and safety is a non-negotiable part of the business.

It comes as a man was convicted of rape and attempted murder of a Ladbrokes worker. The man had dragged the victim into a staff area with no CCTV. The victim said Ladbrokes gave her no training in what to do if a customer was losing lots of money. Lone worker: FAQs For many organisations, lone working increases productivity, flexibility and reduces cost, without posing additional safety threat to staff. However, there have sadly been several situations of lone working in recent years that has led to disaster.

In , mental health worker Ashleigh Ewing was stabbed to death by a client in his home, and in , Andrew Locovou was murdered by a customer while single-manning a betting shop late in the evening. Following these tragedies, it has since been ruled that the organisations involved should have conducted more stringent risk assessments and lone working should not have been permitted. This article will discuss the risks and hazards of lone working and take a look at different situations where lone working may be considered unsafe.

What is classed as lone working? Lone working is when work activities are carried out without the direct and immediate support of supervisors or colleagues. To put it simply, if an employee cannot be seen or heard by a colleague, they are lone working, whether that be for all or part of their working day. Is it legal to work alone? Working alone is completely legal and is usually safe to do so.

However, a risk assessment must have been carried out on lone working activities beforehand and determined to be safe. If a lone working situation is considered high risk, processes must be put in place to mitigate risk or else lone working should not be permitted. Legislation and regulations for working alone There are several laws which hold the employer responsible for protecting the safety of everyone in their employment: — The Health and Safety at Work Act — The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations — The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act In the case that a lone worker is threatened, attacked or injured at work, legal procedures could cost the business in fines, resources and time, with cases taking months or even years to complete.

In some cases, the employer could also face prosecution and imprisonment if they are found to be at fault. What is the law on lone working? While there are few pieces of legislation that focus specifically on lone working rules, the duty of care remains the same as with other employees.

Certain environments increase risk to employees where customers or the public are more likely to become upset, aggressive or take advantage of a lone worker. It is often the lone worker who faces the backlash and are left dealing with the customer or patient on their own. As I touched on earlier, there have been many examples of tragic attacks on lone workers in the news over the last 10 years. Here are just two examples: Ashleigh Ewing mental health lone worker case In , mental health charity worker, Ashleigh Ewing, was sent to the home of a paranoid schizophrenic to deliver him a letter informing him he was in debt.

Ronald Dixon, who had a known history of mental health issues, became angered and stabbed Ashleigh 39 times with kitchen knives and a pair of scissors. This was just months after Dixon had made an attempt to kill the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Mental Health Matters had not carried out a risk assessment on Dixon for three years.

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