betting short priced favourites spot
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Betting short priced favourites spot

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We equated the potential to improve your ROI by as much as 5. Hit a high strike-rate — easier on you mentally If you are one of those punters who struggle when facing a losing run, then a short priced tipster might be the right answer for you. After all — not everyone is cut out to handle low strike-rates, nor have the patience to wait for the winners to hit home.

This favourite-backing tipster has a high strike-rate of Ensuring in general, short losing runs and a regular supply of winners to put your mind at rest! You can get on with the bookies — even if you win Perhaps best of all, favourites are very easy to bet with the bookies as they know most punters backing them will be long-term losers. Making backing short priced tips such as those advised by this tipster ideal for those of you worried about betting restrictions.

You can also see the Yield or ROI from each odds range below, with a 5. The dashed line shows what you would expect long-term over a larger set of data look how smooth it is! I am also tracking at just a Again, this backs up my confidence that over time my ROI figure will improve when my sample size at these odds ranges increase, especially when you consider that the higher ROI returns for the service come at bigger odds.

My experience over the years is that there are many ways to make a profit betting. Some punters and tipsters make a profit betting odds-on, some at single figure odds and others even at triple figure odds. There are many ways to skin a betting cat and its good to challenge your preconceptions at regular intervals! If you enjoy this small excerpt from our review of Winner Odds, you can read the full in-depth review as a Smart Betting Club member.

This includes a detailed look at the average user results across thousands and thousands of data points from Winner Odds customers, with an ROI of 5.

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Inform Racing: Betting Against Short Priced Favourites

AdYou Can Win Up to $ in Bonuses with Your Deposits. Start Playing Now! Spreads Casino®, Start Making Real Money! Deposit Now and Win Up to $ Casino Your 1. Deposit Bonus · % Match Up to $ · Up to $ Welcome Bonus. Oct 01,  · Shortfalls of betting on short-priced Grand Slam favourites. By Jack Ratcliffe Aug 19, Tweet. Wimbledon had more ups and downs than one of Jerzy Janowicz’s . Feb 22,  · Winning vast amounts of money is a little out of reach for the small punter but there are ways to profit from these hot favourites. Betting outright on short priced favourites In Winx’s 30th consecutive win, it was revealed that a single punter won $25, in a single bet. .